Projects from my first year as a student at Rutgers University.

Sentiment Analysis Trading Strategy

During the spring semester, I was part of the Rutgers team entering the Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition. For this competition, we came up with a trading strategy that was based on analyzing the change in total sentiment (management and analyst) between earnings calls of companies (specifically tested with those in the DJIA). The strategy called for entering a long (short) position in a company if the change is positive (negative) and also entering a short (long) position in the respective industry ETF as a hedge.

Starbucks Equity Research Report

I made this report on Starbucks over winter break, and it comes in two parts: a qualitative portion including microeconomic, macroeconomic, growth, and risk factors, and a quantitative portion containing 5 year projections of financial statements, a revenue buildout, and a discounted cash flow model.

Facebook Equity Research Report

During the fall semester, I led a team for a stock pitch competition at Rutgers called The Bender Trust. We created a complete equity research report, which included a detailed qualitative analysis as well as a rudimentary discounted cash flow model (made with online software). With this report and the corresponding presentation we gave to the trust manager, our team was one of three winners of the competition.