A dark (and admittedly cliche and angsty) take on our consumption driven society and the systems that support it.



The joy of Pre-K and elementary school;

The waxy smell of crayons and warm days;

Easing into life, the early years of the cogs.

Preparing, preparing:

Learning right from wrong, learning to be industrious;

How to think; good workers get a good life;

Always towards the next step, the next level.


Instructed in skills society needs, optimism;

Eagerness to work corporate and big;

That endless journey, the false dream, you need it.

Preparing, preparing:

Enthusiastic to work nine to five, eight to six, seven to nine;

Chained to a chair with cuffs of status, BMWs,

Nice houses, and the next promotion;

Joy in your exploitation.


For the promotion, gaining work experience, preparing;

To spend that new salary, to strengthen the chains.

Preparing, preparing:

That false dream, the almost obtainable goal always within grasp;

That next “career advancement” right there.


For being discarded, for not being of further use;

Put away in a place with other worn out tools.

Preparing, always preparing:

As the end draws near, buying the plot and deciding;

Who gets what, seeing them mentally divide it and spend it. ​


As you pass away, confident that you’ve achieved some goal;

Sinking into naive contentment as you draw your final breath;

And shudder to a halt.